- Joy Norder (Iroquois County CUSD No. 9, Nettie Davis Elementary) Title: “Happy Harry and Sad Sally”

First Grade:

- Kristine Pelletier (St. Anne School District No. 256, St. Anne Grade School )Title: “I Can Eat a Rainbow, Feel the Kindness”

- Jennifer Taylor (Iroquois County CUSD No. 9, Nettie Davis Elementary) Title: “Body Organs Interactive Book”

Second Grade:

- Becky Creek (Bourbonnais Elementary School District No. 53, Noel LeVasseur Elementary School) Title: “Heart Healthy”

Fourth Grade:

- Missy Guimond and Claire Henneike (Iroquois County CUSD No. 9, Wanda Kendall Elementary and Watseka Community High School) Title: “Children of Change”

- Jody Munsterman (Crescent-Iroquois CUSD No. 249, Crescent City Grade School) Title: “Time Capsule”

- Krystal Clifton (Kankakee School District No. 111, King Middle School) Title: “Week of Kindness”

Fifth Grade: 

-Eugene Wachholz (St. Paul’s Lutheran School) Title: “15 Ways to Say NO! to Alcohol and Drugs”

Sixth Grade:

-Lisa Riegel (Bourbonnais Elementary School District No. 53, Liberty Intermediate School) Title: “Diseases”

-Eugene Wachholz (St. Paul’s Lutheran School ) Title: “Over-the-Counter vs Prescription Drugs”­

"My Future is Bright, No Drugs in Sight!"

Congratulations to Kenna Brosseau and Claire Goselin, Bishop McNamara Catholic School students for their winning design in the billboard contest held annually by the Life Education Center to encourage others to choose "Wise Highs...Choices You Can Live With!"
For more information about Life Education Center programming, contact Brenda Wetzel,
Director of Life Education Center Programs at 815-936-4606 or visit