schoolbus with safety tips

It Is That Time of Year…

“Welcome Back!” to all of our parents, students, and staff. We hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing summer spent with friends and family. As we begin the 2018 – 2019 school year, we want to encourage students and their parents to make this year great! The success of our students depends on all of us working together to help them get excited about learning and achieve their goals for the year.

Yellow school buses, flashing amber & red lights, extended stop arms - these three things stand for caution, patience, and safety. Safe driving is your responsibility 365 days a year, but you need to be extra alert 180 of those days. Why? Because school buses are transporting students to and from school. Here are a few tips to help us protect our children as we begin a new school year.

  • Be mindful of school zones that were empty over the summer. Get back in the habit of watching children going back to school.
  • Driving distracted is always dangerous, especially in school zones. Keep your mind, eyes, and hands on the task of driving. If something needs your attention, pull over to a safe area away from traffic.
  • When a school bus is stopped to pick up or drop off students, all traffic behind the bus must stop.
  • Children are unpredictable. Children walking to or from their bus are usually very comfortable with their surroundings.
  • Never pass a school bus on the right. It is illegal.