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SALT students
Community Service Projects

Students All Learning Together (SALT I & II)

Students All Learning Together (SALT I & II)

Students All Learning Together program provides optional educational opportunity for students who are credit deficient due to attendance problems. The program provides both an academic and community service/work component. The SALT program is located at two locations:

Regional Instructional Center, 50 Industrial Park Dr. Kankakee, IL 60901

Milford Elementary School East Campus, 150 S. Randolph, Sheldon, IL 60966

•An Individualized Optional Education Plan (IOEP) is prepared for each student. 
•An academic program is tailored for each student according to their credit recovery needs. 
•All high school core subjects are offered. 
•Opportunities for extended learning are available.

Community Service/Work:
•A career plan is developed for each student and included in their IOEP. 
•170 community service and/or employment hours are required per semester to receive an elective high school credit. 
•Local businesses and agencies are solicited to help provide community service/work opportunities. 
•Educational and vocational information is provided.

•Individual attendance goals are addressed in each student’s IOEP.
•Case management is provided by I-KAN AAP caseworkers.
•Through community and local resources the needs of students, schools, and families are addressed