I-KAN Schools: RAAC & SALT Building
The Regional Attendance Assistance Center building

The Regional Attendance Assistance Center (RAAC) Program is a grant funded program that provides an alternative setting for students who are experiencing attendance, academic and/or behavioral difficulties. The RAAC serves 15 different school districts from both Iroquois and Kankakee Counties.

The goal of the RAAC Programs is to have our students successfully transition back to their home school. Students are constantly working on improving their behaviors as well as school attendance.  Some of the tools used are incentives through the diflucan system that reward perfect attendance as well as positive behavior during the day.

Instruction is provided in a number of ways including traditional classroom, online class work and American School.

Meetings are regularly held between modafinil program and students home school to discuss progress that has been made, and when a student has successfully completed the program and can return to home school or graduate.

For more information contact the school at 815-935-7282.