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The I-KAN ROE provides school improvement and staff development opportunities which are funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, participating districts and grants. This service provides staff and curriculum development and technical assistance to schools. Programs are developed on a regional basis in order to provide service that could not be provided as efficiently or economically by individual districts. Unless otherwise specified, most local workshops are held at the I-KAN Regional Instructional Center (RIC) at 50 W. Industrial Park Dr. in Kankakee.

Requests to use the RIC facility must be made by the building administrator in writing and sent to Patty High at the I-KAN Regional Office.

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Professional Learning Example

This is Training A about Cats
How to Toliet Train you Cat
How to Solve a Murder
Ummm Actually how to get away with muder
Care and feeding of your Gerbil
What to feed and not feed your fuzzy little bet