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Phone: 815.937.2950
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Upcoming Workshops. Click on the link for more information and to register for the workshop.
 Start DateCourse Name
75136 /9 /2015Teacher Supervision Advanced Training in the Danielson Model
74936 /11/2015Designing Standards-Based Units for Student Understanding
75306 /12/2015Conducting Effective Professional Conversations with Teachers
75006 /15/2015Developing Meaningful Family Engagement Programs
74926 /16/2015Assessment Literacy Bootcamp
75096 /16/2015Advanced Manufacturing in the 21st Century; Connecting Students to Local Industry
74946 /19/2015ELA Foundational Services: Writing Matters
74976 /23/2015Math Foundational Services
75106 /23/2015PERA :Teacher Evaluation - Modules 1-6 Overview
75326 /24/2015Stress and Anger Management for Educators and Our Students
75416 /24/2015Foundational Services Area Coordinator & Service Provider Training
74996 /26/2015Science Foundational Services
75397 /6 /2015Go Google - Google Drive, Google Classroom & Assessment
75377 /8 /2015Using Google Chrome Extensions and Add-ons to Be More Productive
75027 /9 /2015ELA Foundational Services: Writing Matters Networking
75037 /14/2015Math Foundational Services
75337 /15/2015Using Formative Assessment to Move Students From Knowing to Understanding and Mastery!
75017 /16/2015Developing Meaningful Family Engagement Program Networking Session
75117 /21/2015PERA :Teacher Evaluation - Modules 1-6 Overview
75047 /28/2015Math Foundational Services
75367 /29/2015Digital Formative and Summative Assessments
75127 /30/2015Science Foundational Services
75058 /3 /2015Math Foundational Services
75078 /3 /2015ICE 21 Mentor Training
75088 /11/2015Developing Meaningful Family Engagement Program Networking Session
75348 /12/2015The Playbook: Effective Instructions for the Common Core & Danielson Teacher Evaluation Model

Registration is required for all workshops.

A minimum number of participants is required for some workshops, therefore, early registration is strongly recommended. Check-in begins one half-hour prior to the starting time of each workshop.

The Regional Office will bill districts for registrations at the conclusion of each workshop. Please remit payment upon receipt of invoice. Materials are included in the cost unless otherwise indicated.

Cancellations will be honored only for those registrants who notify the Regional Office at least five (5) days prior to workshop date. Payment for a workshop is still required if cancellation is not made within the specified time.