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Teaching in Iroquois and Kankakee County

I-KAN's office monitors teacher and administrator licenses for approximately 2,100 educators in Iroquois and Kankakee counties. Continuing Professional Development Unit (CPDU) opportunities are provided for teacher recertification and Administrator's Academies are offered on a continuing basis to assist superintendents and principals fulfill their professional development requirements. The Professional Learning page has more information on the opportunities I-KAN provides.

Navigating ISBE's Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS)

The Illinois State Board of Education requires that all licensure transactions must be completed online in ELIS with a credit or debit card including all applications for licenses, registration, payments and renewal of licenses. The ROEs may no longer accept payment. Use a desktop or laptop when working in ELIS. Phone or tablet browsers do not work correctly.

  1. Start at isbe.net
  2. Click Log into ELIS at the top of the page
  3. Under Educator Access click on Login to your ELIS account
Educator Licensure Resources

Substitute Teacher Fingerprinting

Call Bushue Background Screening at (877) 342-3042  or Schedule Online

ISBE Substitute Reimbursement

In efforts to reduce the substitute teacher shortage, the Illinois State Board of Education is now offering a reimbursement of application and registration fees to qualifying applicants. For a full list of requirements, please visit ISBE's informational page. If you meet these requirements, please complete form 73-02: Substitute License Fee Refund RequestPDF Document. This form must be returned to ISBE by the school or district official. Forms submitted by the applicant will not be honored. ​


Renewal Fees and Professional Development Requirements

Those who hold a Professional Educator License, Substitute Teaching License or Paraprofessional License, must renew every five years. All endorsements are renewed with the license. 

Professional Development hours are required for teachers and school support services personnel each renewal cycle. 

License Type Registration Fees  Required Professional Development Hours
Professional Educator License $50 per five-year cycle 120 hours
Professional Educator License, Administration $50 per five-year cycle 100 hours and one Administrator Academy per fiscal year
Educator License with Stipulations (Career Technical Education)  $50 per five-year cycle No professional development required
Substitute Teaching License  $50 per five-year cycle No professional development required
Short Term Substitute Teaching License  No additional fees/license expires 2023  No professional development required
Paraprofessional License $30 per five-year cycle No professional development required


License Renewal 

Those whose licenses are up for renewal in June of 2023 can renew their license beginning in late April. To renew, start by logging into ELIS at https://apps.isbe.net/iwasnet/login.aspx.

From your home screen click on Renewals. If Renewals is not showing up as a link to click on, make sure you have fulfilled all the renewal requirements such as entering the correct amount of professional development hours.

Once you select the renewal link, fill out the required information. You will also need to select the primary region you would like to register. The I-KAN Regional Office of Education is Region 32.

Entering Professional Development hours

Those with a PEL must enter 120 hours of professional development hours. Those with a PEL endorsed in administration must enter 100 hours of professional development along with an administrator’s academy for each fiscal year of the renewal cycle. Those who hold a substitute teaching license or paraprofessional license are not required to enter professional development hours to renew their license.

To enter professional development hours, login to your ELIS account at https://apps.isbe.net/iwasnet/login.aspx.

From your home page, click on Professional Development. This page will show how many hours are required to renew your license. Select Click Here to Add Professional Development Hours.

You will need to add the activity name, provider, hours, description and a begin and end date for each professional development activity. Once you have entered the required data, click next to enter additional activities. Once you have finished, click finish.

If you are unable to enter professional development or delete or edit professional development make sure you are using a desktop or laptop computer. It is recommended to use Google Chrome while working in ELIS.

Retired or Exempt

To renew your license, you must complete professional development hours, unless you are retired or exempt.

If you have not been actively working at least 50 percent or more in an Illinois public school you are exempt from completing and entering professional development. This includes those who are retired, working part-time or not employed at an Illinois public school.

If you have had employment changes or retired during the last five year license cycle, you will need to manually update your professional development/employment status for part or all of the cycle. ELIS will recalculate the total professional development hours required based on the professional development/employment status.

To update your PD/employment status, login to your ELIS account, https://apps.isbe.net/iwasnet/login.aspx. Click on the arrow next to your name and IEIN, located in the Profile Box. To update your PD/Employment Status, click the pencil/paper icon at the top right of the page. Then click on the Update Your PD/Employment Status link.

Click the down arrow for each semester that needs to be changed. Choose the appropriate status -- retired, exempt, part-time, military.  Repeat that step for each semester that needs to be changed. Click Finish when you are done.

Substitute teacher and paraprofessional renewal

To renew and register your SUB or PARA license, login to your ELIS account at https://apps.isbe.net/iwasnet/login.aspx. Click renewals on your home screen Action Center. ELIS will lead you through the renewal steps.


Updated 10/9/2020