Life Education Center Mobile Unit

The Life Education Centers' unique substance abuse prevention programs teach kids the skills they need to choose healthy lifestyles and avoid the dangers caused by abusing alcohol and other dangerous substances.

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing throughout high school, the LEC's curriculum uses age-appropriate material to teach students about the human body and how it works; good nutrition and exercise; the harmful affects of alcohol, tobacco and other substances; and teaches the skills students will need to deal with pressures from peers and society.

The curriculum includes the

The LEC programs also provides additional activities for teachers and students including the annual Best Practice Contest for K-6 grade teachers; the Wise Highs billboard contest for 5th and 6th graders; and the PSA Radio contest for 7th and 8th graders.

Funding for the LEC program comes from state and federal grants and from the Family Fun-a-thon, an annual fundraiser co-sponsored by the Pledge for Life Partnership, a major supporter of the program. For information about becoming a sponsor or opportunities to underwrite specific program costs, contact Brenda Wetzel at (815) 936-4606.

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