Illinois School Code states that children between the ages of 7 and 17 must attend public school. However, an exception is made for “…any child attending a private or parochial school.”

And in Illinois, home school is considered a form of private education.

Parents whose child/children currently attend public school, it is recommended that parents give the public school a dated letter that states they will be withdrawing their student to place him/her in a private school. It is also recommended parents complete the Illinois State Board of Education Home School Registration form. Forms can be sent to I-KAN Regional Office of Education, 1 Stuart Dr., Kankakee, IL 60901.

Parents who educate their children at home must cover the subjects of language arts, mathematics, biological and physical sciences, social sciences and physical development and health. According to Illinois School Code, instruction must be in the English language.

Illinois law does not set a minimum number of hours per day or days of instruction per year for students in private schools. However, the Illinois courts have ruled that home schooling must provide an education equivalent with the standards set for public schools.

Parents who permit a child to attend a home school decide the manner, time and materials which best suit the learning needs of their children. Parents determine the home schooling, what materials to use, how much homework to assign, how homework is assessed and what records should be kept.

Testing is not required in the state of Illinois for homeschoolers. There are private testing resources if parents choose to have their children evaluated. Parents who educate their through the high school years may determine when their student has met the graduation requirements of their private home school and is entitled to receive a high school diploma.

If a parent later chooses to send their student back to public school, the public school will determine grade placement for the student based on an evaluation of his/her work and pursuant to its policies.

For more information, visit or download an Illinois State Board of Education FAQ Packet or the Home School Registration Form.