homeless kits
McKinney Vento Homeless supplies for our Homeless District Liaisons

The I-KAN Regional office of Education provides "Homeless Youth Services" to all of Kankakee and lroquois school district families. Each school district is required to appoint a homeless liaison. One of the responsibilities of the liaison is to meet with all McKinney Vento eligible students and their families. After identifying these students they pair them up with any additional services needed. The I-KAN Regional Office of Education, through a grant from lllinois State Board of Education, purchases supplies for the liaisons. Included in these supplies are book bags, school kits, hygiene kits, lice kits, gas cards, bus tokens, and calculators. The Regional Office Homeless Director coordinates the delivery of supplies to all the liaisons in ROE #32 as well as handles any questions or disputes from families or school districts. She also oversees the registering off all homeless students from area shelters or homeless programs.

For more information contact the I-KAN Homeless Liaison Noelle Bradley at nbradley@i-kan.org.