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Sept. 8 & 9, 2010

Kindle Resources from Amazon.com

Getting to know the Kindle

Kindle In Education Page

Tips and shortcuts on the Kindle


Questions can be directed to:

Gregg Murphy- gmurphy@i-kan.org or 815-937-2950

Presenters: Gregg Murphy and Ardella Perry-Osler


  1. Introduction
    1. Describe yourself
      1. Snail Mail, e-mail, text, twitter, facebook
      2. What do your students look like?
  1. Create Amazon Acct with gift card
    1. Requires an e-mail acct/password that is registered with Amazon.com
    2. Add gift card as payment type
  2. Register you Kindle with your Amazon Acct. (hand out the devices)
    1. Change Kindle name (at amazon.com)
  3. Kindle
    1. Turn On, standby, and Off
    2. Restart
      1. Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu ->Restart
    1. How to Charge
    2. Introduction to the buttons
      1. 5 position switch
    1. Open the Users Guide
      1. Reading- next page, previous page
      2. Move chapter to chapter
        1. Go To Chapter 4
      3. Search
        1. Menu -> Search
        2. Search the Users Guide for “sort” to determine how to organize the home screen on the Kindle.
  1. Finding a book at Amazon.com
    1. From the Kindle
      1. Menu -> Shop the Kindle Store
      2. Download the free version of The Scarlet Letter
    1. From the computer
      1. www.amazon.com
      2. Search for Oliver Twist, poe, the Christmas carol
      3. Purchase with one click
  1. Interacting with a book
    1. Aa Button
      1. Text size
      2. Screen Rotation
      3. Read Aloud
    1. Bookmark a “page”
    2. Highlight Text
    3. Add notes
    4. Define a word
  1. Be the Student
    1. Complete the Activity comprehension and definition (worksheet)
  2. Be the Teacher
    1. Add a note from kindle
    2. Install Kindle Software for the PC or Mac
    3. Manage a book with the Kindle for PC
      1. Add notes
      2. Add Highlights
    1. Converting a Word Doc to a Kindle Doc (Authoring A Document Handout)
      1. Register e-mail address on Kindle
      2. Kindlename@kindle.com (costs money)
      3. Kindlename@free.kindle.com (sent free for USB transfer)
  1. Who is the student that can benefit?
    1. Larger print
    2. Shorter lines
    3. Text to speech


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